Sitting there staring at your computer trying to figure how to get your tasks to appear on the top in a quadrant on a Mac or Windows?  Tired of clicking around aimlessly?  Don’t worry!  Follow these simple instructions below on how to create your tasks appear always on top in a quadrant on a Mac or Windows:

Have Tasks Appear On Top In A Quadrant On Mac Or Windows


1.) First, you will notice the default setting for new items when you double click will always appear on the bottom.

2.) Annoying right?  That’s why you are here =)  So, to create your new items appear on the top always, visit the “Data” tab and scroll down to the “New Items are added to the top” option and select it.

3.) And…ABRACADABRA!!! Now all your new items should appear on the top of which ever quadrant you are typing in.  Yay!

Now  you are an expert on having tasks appear on top in a quadrant on Mac.


1.) Windows shopping on how to create all new items appear on top instead of the default?  Great!  I can help!  This is the default display of new items appearing on the bottom of a quadrant.

2.) First, visit the “Items” tab.  Then scroll down and select the “New Items Go on Top” option.  You will notice a very tiny box appear with an even tinier black dot in the center to confirm this option has been selected.

3.) Boom!  You now have created all your new items to appear on top of the quadrant list.


Yay!  You know now how to have tasks appear on top in a quadrant on Mac or Windows.  I hope this helped!


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