Priority Matrix has lots of competition, so it can be overwhelming to identify the differences amongst every one. Here are a few reasons Priority Matrix is different (and better!):

Manage Thousands of Tasks

We know you’re busy… And that means we strive to fit your busy life. No matter how many projects you have or how many thousands of tasks you’re working with, Priority Matrix is built to keep up. Compare that to other programs and you’ll notice there’s typically a cap on how much you’re allowed to have on your plate… But here at Priority Matrix, we can take it and help you through those busy times!

Easy Team Collaboration

Great team engagement dramatically reduces the time spent in meetings or on email chains going over whose projects are ahead or behind of schedule. You don’t need to know when Carol in HR finished the W2s until it comes to your mailbox! Because of how seamless the collaboration becomes, it’s a quick daily check of your Next Action List or Daily Report to move on.

Next-Level Prioritization

We created a grid with 4 quadrants to place each task. No more long lists with a thousand due dates! This is what my tasks look like for today. They’re nicely organized and I know exactly where to start on my next task as soon as I finish the last one. Priority Matrix layout

Expertly-Designed Templates

We get this grid method from the top experts on organization, which we have put into built-in templates just for you to use to maximize your time  and frustration savings. Finding the templates is simple; you can’t create a project without some form of organization!Priority Matrix templates

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Priority Matrix understands that you need to know what’s going on no matter what type of device you’re using, so that’s why we support all possible platforms. This means you can get an iPhone app, an iPad app, an Android app, a Mac desktop app, a Windows desktop app, or a web-based app.

A Smarter To-Do List

Prioritization. What’s that mean for you? Well, no more figuring out what “should” be more important. Put in your tasks by quadrant, add due dates (if you want!), and Priority Matrix will automatically create your Next Action List, your Daily or Weekly Report, and fill in your Master View with the right things to be doing now. This is ground-breaking and we are the only app to do this for you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a Report worth a thousand minutes?

Increased Visibility

With Priority Matrix, you can keep track of all of the moving parts of your team projects, so you know who is responsible for what, and what the progress level of the task is. Never lose a task again!

Integrated for Work/Life Balance

We also know that your life doesn’t end at 5pm. Priority Matrix is designed for work AND home life management.