How to integrate Outlook emails with Priority Matrix mobile app

Why you should use the mobile Priority Matrix app: Access your data anywhere so you can be on the move while staying connected with your team. You can take a picture with your phone and upload it as a file immediately into your mobile PM app. Quickly integrate your emails with Priority Matrix with our […]

Moving an item to another project on iOS

Do you want to move an item from the current project to another project?  We understand this happens all the time, which is why we have made it as easy as possible! Moving item to new project IOS Drag the item to the bottom of the screen Drop the item over the middle icon Choose […]

How to Restore Seemingly Lost Items on iPad

If you happen to loose an item in a project on your iPad do not worry because you can bring it back!  The following steps will show you how to do so 🙂 Restore Seemingly Lost Items on iPad: Select the project where items are lost Click the three lines in the top right corner  […]

How to Turn Off “Plan Your Day Notifications”

Daily notifications can be great, if you find them useful.  When they are not something you wish to see, we totally understand that it can get overwhelming. If you would like to only turn off the notification which reminds you to plan your day, follow these steps. Turn off Reminder “It’s Time To Plan Your […]

How to Sync Data Between Desktop and Mobile App

Priority Matrix is available for multiple platforms, allowing you to work from wherever, whenever you want.  Whether it is your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, you can sync all your data in one Priority Matrix account.  If you love traveling and find yourself working off-line, do not worry because when you connect to a wi-fi […]

How Can I Move A Task From My Inbox To A Project On iPad?

This article is going to teach you how to move a task from my inbox to a project on iPad.  Do you own an iPhone and you are trying to drag and drop items from your inbox on your iPad but it’s not working? Never fear!  The point and click magician is here =)  Simply […]

How Can I Change My Font On My iPad?

Never fear!  The Font Master is HERE!!! In order to change font sizes on your iPad, simply follow these steps below: 1.)  In the upper right hand corner you will see a small Icon with 3 lines.  Tap that Icon. 2.) Second, scroll down the drop down menu until you find “Change Font Size”.  Tap […]

How Can I Set Up Recurring Reminders on iOS?

If you would like to set up recurring reminders on your iOS, follow these simple steps: 1.) Go to the task you would like to set up a recurring alert for and click on the task. 2.) The “Item Details” should pop up.  Click on the “Repeat” button. 3.) Here you will enter the “Set […]

How Can I Move Emails From Inbox to Matrix on iPad/iPhone?

Tap on the email, then navigate to the quadrant you would like to drop the task in, and tap once. Select “yes”-           The email’s subject will be shown as task name and email’s content will be shown under notes. All attachments can be found under files –  If you want […]

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