Manage Outlook Extensions

Priority Matrix supports email prioritization directly from your Outlook inbox. This, and other exciting features, is why Priority Matrix is the most effective way to do project management on Outlook.  When you prioritize an email, your Priority Matrix action item will create a link to your Outlook email, where you can access the original email […]

How Can I Search For Priority Matrix Data in MS Teams?

Using Priority Matrix via MS Teams provides several additional benefits for Office365 users.  To make your life easier for record keeping and searching purposes in Teams, you can now see your Priority Matrix data in the MS Teams search view.  There are a few quick steps to put in place before this will work for […]

Remove Priority Matrix chat bot from MS Teams

Thank you for testing out the Priority Matrix and MS Teams integration, and sorry to see you are removing it 🙁  BTW,  any feedback you can share about your experience would be very appreciated! Remove Priority Matrix chat bot from MS Teams 1. Click in “…” of the channel where the chat bot is 2. […]

Integrate Priority Matrix with Office365

One of the ways in which Priority Matrix shines is via the integrations with Office 365. Read along to learn how using Priority Matrix and Office 365 together can drastically simplify your work life. Priority Matrix for Outlook 365 Use our Priority Matrix for Outlook 365 add-in to manage your top priority emails like you […]

Outlook365 Add-In with a Gmail address

We are excited that you’re looking into using Priority Matrix for Outlook 365, the most powerful project management solution for Outlook. One common pitfall is when users read their Gmail messages using Outlook, and they find out that they cannot install add-ins from Microsoft’s AppSource store. In order to bypass this problem and being able […]

How to integrate Outlook mobile and Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is the leading project management solution for Outlook, because it lets you work with your tasks no matter where you are, without ever leaving Outlook. In this article, we explain how to use the mobile version of Priority Matrix for Outlook, which lets you easily turn an incoming email into a PM task. […]

Attach an email to a pre-existing item with PM for Outlook

I hope you are familiar with the email integrations we offer for Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail.  If you are not already, be sure to learn more about email integrations here. With the Outlook extension (also known as Priority Matrix for Outlook), you can attach an email message to a pre-existing item, following the steps […]

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Priority Matrix

Why you and your team should use the MS Teams integration: Update your Priority Matrix directly from within Teams and see these changes reflected in your PM app. Use the 1:1 tab to view items between yourself and another use to plan for your daily/weekly meetings. Be sure to check out additional resources on how […]

Set Up Your Teams/Slack/Skype Chatbot

Are you excited about the Teams, Slack and Skype chatbot integration with Priority Matrix?  So are we!  Learn how to install this chatbot and get chatting 🙂 Background info about your new chatbot: Features: Notify the user of instant changes in the team data. Equivalent to notifications in IOS, windows, mac. Example: delegations, upload files, […]

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