Hello Priority Matrix team.  I am excited to show you how you can integrate Prioirty Matrix with your Office365!  You will be happy to learn how much easier your life is going to become by using Priority Matrix and Office 365 hand-in-hand.

Priority Matrix and Outlook365

Use the Priority Matrix and and Outlook365 mail integration to manage your top priority emails like you have never done before.  No longer leave them unread or flagged to prioritize your emails.  Let Priority Matrix do the managing for you.

Priority Matrix and Microsoft Teams

Integrate Priority Matrix into your Microsoft Teams app.  This will make it easy to update your Priority Matrix and access all of your data without having to leave your Microsoft Teams app!

Use Outlook365 and Microsoft Teams integration together..

Last but not least, please take a minute to see how powerful it will be to use Outlook365 and Microsoft Teams integrations together.  Do yourself a favor, and watch this last video to put all of the pieces together!


Please note, all of these integrations are available on your mobile device after you have them added on your dekstop app 🙂