How to install Priority Matrix for Outlook using the Microsoft Admin Center

If you’re trying to install Priority Matrix for Outlook, and you’re seeing a message that says something like “Unfortunately, your organization has disabled access to this add-in. Please contact your administrator to request access”, then you might want to take a look at this article, and potentially share it with your IT personnel. This guide […]

How to clear the Outlook add-in cache

Priority Matrix for Outlook is an Outlook web add-ins, a type of small programs that integrates into the Outlook platform to add new functionalities. When you install an add-in, Outlook stores some of its data in a cache to improve its performance. However, sometimes this cache can become corrupt, causing issues with the add-ins. In […]

Working with email threads in Outlook

Priority Matrix for Outlook makes it really simple to capture messages and turn them into Priority Matrix tasks. You can also take an Outlook message and attach it to a preexisting item. Now you can work with email threads in a way that just makes sense. In short: When you turn an Outlook email into […]

How to add a due date to an email in Outlook

Often, you get an email that contains an implicit (or explicit) task in it. You want to make sure you don’t drop the ball on it, but Outlook doesn’t make it easy to add a due date to an email. It makes sense, because Outlook is not a task manager at its heart. In order […]

Missing Priority Matrix button on Outlook

Priority Matrix is the most powerful project management system for Outlook. Unfortunately, sometimes Outlook will refuse to show the Priority Matrix button, and the causes can be wide-ranging. In this article, we discuss some of the most frequent reasons that cause the Priority Matrix button not to appear in your Outlook. Specifically, we will focus […]

Manage Outlook Extensions

Priority Matrix supports email prioritization directly from your Outlook inbox. This, and other exciting features, is why Priority Matrix is the most effective way to do project management on Outlook.  When you prioritize an email, your Priority Matrix action item will create a link to your Outlook email, where you can access the original email […]

Integrate Priority Matrix with Office365

One of the ways in which Priority Matrix shines is via the integrations with Office 365. Read along to learn how using Priority Matrix and Office 365 together can drastically simplify your work life. Priority Matrix for Outlook 365 Use our Priority Matrix for Outlook 365 add-in to manage your top priority emails like you […]

Outlook365 Add-In with a Gmail address

We are excited that you’re looking into using Priority Matrix for Outlook 365, the most powerful project management solution for Outlook. One common pitfall is when users read their Gmail messages using Outlook, and they find out that they cannot install add-ins from Microsoft’s AppSource store. In order to bypass this problem and being able […]

Office 365 integrations for Mobile

Do you use Priority Matrix primarily on your mobile device?   If so, please keep in mind you can use the Office 365 integrations with your free Priority Matrix account on mobile! Office 365 integrations for Mobile: You can install any of the Office 365 integrations onto your dekstop platforms and this will transfer over to […]

How to integrate Outlook mobile and Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is the leading project management solution for Outlook, because it lets you work with your tasks no matter where you are, without ever leaving Outlook. In this article, we explain how to use the mobile version of Priority Matrix for Outlook, which lets you easily turn an incoming email into a PM task. […]

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