User Groups in Priority Matrix

When you create “User groups” in Priority Matrix you are able to categorize users from your account into smaller groups. This allows you to filter your view to a specific group, compare workloads and invite an entire subgroup to a project at once. Note that user groups are a premium feature that requires a business-class […]

5 Steps to Make Your Team Use Priority Matrix

You are a manager and you’ve been using Priority Matrix for a while. You understand the value behind it and you wish your team would, too. You also realize that without compliance from your team to use the system, Priority Matrix can become ‘just another tool’. So, what can you do to avoid that and […]

How does Priority Matrix register and reflect effort time?

If you would like to learn how to set Effort level, please refer to this article. If you know that already, and you tried it but have questions on how exactly Priority Matrix registers the effort time, then this is the right page for you. Most likely you tried to set Effort to a certain number of […]

How to Set a Reminder

Setting reminders can be key in order to stay on top of various tasks.  It’s only human to forget things here and there, which is why Priority Matrix offers the option to set reminders for your tasks.  Not only are you able to set a reminder for yourself, but you can also remind other members as […]

How to Add a Team Member Who Has a Separate PM Subscription

Although it’s not as seamless as having everyone under one account, team members can come from any Priority Matrix account. The main benefit of having one main account is that you can create and send custom templates across team members. If you’re on different accounts, you can’t do that. If you don’t specifically need to […]

What’s the Difference Between Roles? (Owner, Collaborator, Follower, etc.)

There are a lot of different roles in Priority Matrix. Each one is similar, though, so there’s overlap, which can create confusion. Let’s break them down: On the team level, there are Admins and Team Members. Admin- this is the person who can make changes to the team by adding or removing members. This is […]

How Can I Schedule a Coaching Session?

If you are planning on using Priority Matrix with a team, we’ll be happy to give you a personal coaching session where we will help you find the best way of using the system. Book a time slot using the button below and one of our knowledgeable specialists will give you a call.   Book […]

How Can I Use the Gantt Chart for Mac And Windows?

Gantt chart for Mac and Windows The Gantt chart for Mac and Windows is another way for managers to see priorities for tasks based on their due date and completion percentage. To access the chart, go to the left hand side where is says Gantt Chart. From here, you can see all of your projects […]

How Can I Assign/Delegate Tasks from my Private Projects?

You first need to create the task in your inbox. Open your inbox and select the blue (+) sign in the top left hand corner.   Then select what you would like to add an Item, File or Screenshot.   Then you can click on the avatar to the right of the task and assign […]

How Can I Share a Google Drive Doc in Priority Matrix with the Chrome Extension?

Priority Matrix can now sync with Google Drive using our Chrome Extension. First, you will need to download the Priority Matrix Chrome Extension form the Chrome web store. Then you will now be able to  share your Google Drive Docs. You want to make sure you change the shareable like from “can view” to “can edit” before […]

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