There are a lot of different roles in Priority Matrix. Each one is similar, though, so there’s overlap, which can create confusion. Let’s break them down:

On the team level, there are Admins and Team Members.

  • Admin- this is the person who can make changes to the team by adding or removing members. This is indicated by going to “Account” and “Manage Account.” Once in Account, go down and you can see your Admin.Manage accounts con Priority Matrix tool barcheck your admin's account
  • Team Members- these are the people who you can work with and invite to your projects. These are the seats that you are paying for.

On the project level, tasks can have Owners, Collaborators, and Followers. (A more in-depth article about these roles lives here.)

  • Collaborator- these are people who are invited to your project. They can be internal or external (although external Collaborators won’t have access to Priority Matrix, they’ll get emails about the status) and make up your project team.Project description and collaborators
  • Follower- these are people who are invited to the task and get alerts about it. Perhaps the supervisor, to keep tabs on the status, or the person who will need to complete a follow-up task.
  • Owner- this is the person who is in “charge” of the task. If there are multiple people in the project, delegating the task to an owner alerts him or her when there are changes and makes it the owner’s “responsibility” to do something with the task.Owner and follower roles on an Item