Everything you need to know about Priority Matrix

I know you are busy, and trying to find a new project management tool is time consuming.  The following video is a 3 minute overview of everything you need to know about Priority Matrix.  Watch this video, and then reach out to learn more about the features mentioned! Everything you need to know about Priority […]

Integrate Priority Matrix with Office365

Hello Priority Matrix team.  I am excited to show you how you can integrate Prioirty Matrix with your Office365!  You will be happy to learn how much easier your life is going to become by using Priority Matrix and Office 365 hand-in-hand. Priority Matrix and Outlook365 Use the Priority Matrix and and Outlook365 mail integration […]

Priority Matrix connectors and Microsoft Teams channels

If you use Priority Matrix for Teams, consider adding a Priority Matrix connector to some of your channels in MS Teams. This way you can elect to receive specific notifications about part of your items, exactly where and when you need them. What is the purpose? Adding a Priority Matrix connector to a channel in […]

Calendar time indicator is 1 hour off

Hello!  You most likely found this article because the red line which indicates the current time in your Priority Matrix calendar is one hour off. Perhaps you started getting notifications one hour too late, or too early.  This is due to the daylight saving time change that occurs in parts of the world twice a […]

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Priority Matrix

Why you and your team should use the MS Teams integration: Update your Priority Matrix directly from within Teams and see these changes reflected in your PM app. Use the 1:1 tab to view items between yourself and another use to plan for your daily/weekly meetings. Be sure to check out additional resources on how […]

Why am I being told I need a business subscription?

Hello!   Are you wondering why you are being told you need a business subscription to view your projects in Priority Matrix when you already have a paid subscription? Let me explain below 🙂 Why am I being told I need a business subscription? You most likely have the Gantt chart or Productivity Insight Reports selected, […]

How to use Pre-Added Templates

When you create a new project in Priority Matrix you will notice 7 different tempaltes which we have added for you.  By using these various templates you have the ability to choose which work flow will fit your project best.  Keep reading to learn the benefits of using each template. Basic Priority Matrix: Basic Priority […]

Set Up Your Teams/Slack/Skype Chatbot

Are you excited about the Teams, Slack and Skype chatbot integration with Priority Matrix?  So are we!  Learn how to install this chatbot and get chatting 🙂 Background info about your new chatbot: Features: Notify the user of instant changes in the team data. Equivalent to notifications in IOS, windows, mac. Example: delegations, upload files, […]

How to Integrate OneDrive with Priority Matrix

Team collaboration is made easy with Priority Matrix and OneDrive integration. Not only can you quickly link items from OneDrive to an item in your Priority Matrix, but when you upload a real-time document in OneDrive and link it you your Priority Matrix, the link in your Priority Matrix will open up the more up-to-date […]

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