Share project updates during a meeting with Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix has developed into a tool to support you in just about all aspects of your day to day at work.  Using Priority Matrix for meetings to share project and task level updates is a common use case, and Priority Matrix is great for this.  Keep reading to learn how Priority Matrix will help you share quick project and task level updates during meetings.

1:1 Meeting Updates

Priority Matrix 1:1 view 

  • The Priority Matrix 1:1 view is designed to support you and your direct reports during catch up meetings.  This view will show you shared priorities between yourself and  1 other user, for a focused and to the point meeting.
  • Use filters to see the exact item type you are looking for, whether that is top priority items (filtering by icon) or items with upcoming due dates.
  • Create new action items during your meeting so nothing is forgotten about, or slips through the cracks.
  • Use Priority Matrix with Teams to See additional helpful information including shared emails, upcoming meetings, and shared files.
  • **PRO TIP** Add the Priority Matrix 1:1 view to your chats in Teams to quickly access your shared priorities.
  • Learn more about the Priority Matrix 1:1 view here!

Team Meeting Updates

Agenda by Priority Matrix

  • Agenda by Priority Matrix  is an add-on to your Microsoft Teams meetings which automatically creates a meeting agenda, based off of your shared priorities with the members of the meeting.
  • Manually add action items from Priority Matrix to the meeting agenda if they are not added already.
  • Create new items and complete finished items while you prepare for the meeting in Agenda, and during the meeting.
  • Learn more about Agenda by Priority Matrix here!

Priority Matrix Search View for Overview Across all projects:

  • The Priority Matrix search view shows you items across all of your projects.
  • For meetings, users typically filter for items only “owned” by them and by due dates to quickly highlight what they are working on, and what they have planned.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas of how Priority Matrix can support your during 1:1 meetings and team meetings!  Learn more about Priority Matrix best practices here!