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Recover Data from a Back-up on iPhone and iPad for Priority Matrix

Sometimes, you need to revert to a backup of your Priority Matrix data on your iPhone. This might be useful if your data is lost or there’s been some changes that you want to revert. In this article,  I will explain how to recover data from a back-up on iPhone and iPad for Priority Matrix […]

How to Email Project on iPhone

If you are working on your iPhone and come across a project you would like to email, do not panic!  The following article will tell you exactly how to email a project on your iPhone. Email a Project on iPhone: Open the project you want to email Select the icon in the top right corner with […]

How to Disable IOS Reminder Integration on iPhone

If you do not want your iPhone IOS reminders to be synced with your Priority Matrix, follow these steps! Disable IOS Reminder Integration on iPhone: Go to settings Choose Priority Matrix Disable Reminders Disable “Sync Reminders”  

How to Restore Seemingly Lost items on Android

Losing things is never fun, and can be hard to find sometimes! Priority Matrix has made it easy for you to find things that have gone missing 🙂 Restore Seemingly Lost items on Android: Select the project where the items are missing Click the icon in the top right corner that is the three lines  […]

How to Restore Seemingly Lost Items on iPad

If you happen to loose an item in a project on your iPad do not worry because you can bring it back!  The following steps will show you how to do so 🙂 Restore Seemingly Lost Items on iPad: Select the project where items are lost Click the three lines in the top right corner  […]

How to Restore Seemingly Lost Items on iPhone

Being able to find items which appear to be lost is very important.  We understand you have put a lot of time and effort into creating them!  The follow steps will tell you how to do so on iPhone. Restore Seemingly Lost Items on iPhone: Tap on the top-right menu (hidden in the lightbulb) and press […]

How to Turn Off “Plan Your Day Notifications”

Daily notifications can be great, if you find them useful.  When they are not something you wish to see, we totally understand that it can get overwhelming. If you would like to only turn off the notification which reminds you to plan your day, follow these steps. Turn off Reminder “It’s Time To Plan Your […]

Turn Off Badge Notifications for your Priority Matrix on iPhone

Notifications are awesome when you need to stay on top of a number of items within a specific app.  What happens when your home screen is congested, and you want to hide the  red notification number which appears on top of the app?  You turn them off! What is the Red Number on my Priority […]

How to Sync Data Between Desktop and Mobile App

Priority Matrix is available for multiple platforms, allowing you to work from wherever, whenever you want.  Whether it is your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, you can sync all your data in one Priority Matrix account.  If you love traveling and find yourself working off-line, do not worry because when you connect to a wi-fi […]

How Do I Filter And Sort Items On Android?

Struggling to figure out why items have slashes through them, and why others don’t?  Do you feel like pulling your hair out because you wish to Sort and Filter Items/Tasks through Priority Matrix on Android, yet the screen is too small?  Are you wondering, How do I filter and sort Items on Android?  Don’t worry! […]

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