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How to Set a Reminder

Setting reminders can be key in order to stay on top of various tasks.  It’s only human to forget things here and there, which is why Priority Matrix offers the option to set reminders for your tasks.  Not only are you able to set a reminder for yourself, but you can also remind other members as […]

How to Sync Data Between Desktop and Mobile App

Priority Matrix is available for multiple platforms, allowing you to work from wherever, whenever you want.  Whether it is your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, you can sync all your data in one Priority Matrix account.  If you love traveling and find yourself working off-line, do not worry because when you connect to a wi-fi […]

How Do I Filter And Sort Items On Android?

Struggling to figure out why items have slashes through them, and why others don’t?  Do you feel like pulling your hair out because you wish to Sort and Filter Items/Tasks through Priority Matrix on Android, yet the screen is too small?  Are you wondering, How do I filter and sort Items on Android?  Don’t worry! […]

How to talk back to Priority Matrix

Your mother always told you not to talk back, but here’s the exception: in Priority Matrix, you can communicate with the program via different means using commands. “Commands” are communicated to Priority Matrix via the chat box for each individual item. This can be found on the right-hand side of the screen in the “item […]

How Can I Move A Task From My Inbox To A Project On iPad?

This article is going to teach you how to move a task from my inbox to a project on iPad.  Do you own an iPhone and you are trying to drag and drop items from your inbox on your iPad but it’s not working? Never fear!  The point and click magician is here =)  Simply […]

How Can I Change My Font On My iPad?

Never fear!  The Font Master is HERE!!! In order to change font sizes on your iPad, simply follow these steps below: 1.)  In the upper right hand corner you will see a small Icon with 3 lines.  Tap that Icon. 2.) Second, scroll down the drop down menu until you find “Change Font Size”.  Tap […]

How Can I Set Up Notifications For Alerts To Fire On Different Platforms?

There are 3 different type of alert notifications a user can receive: 1.) Email 2.) In Priority Matrix under “Item Details” where the Conversation Box is located AND 3.) MAC DESKTOP: In the notifications center at the top right corner.  This will also trigger pop ups unless the user has the pop ups deactivated : […]

How Can I Drag A Task Or Duplicate A Task On My Android?

It’s definitely a drag to not understand how to drag and drop task on Android. If you wish to drag a task or duplicate a task on you Android Device, follow these quick steps below: Drag A Task Or Duplicate A Task On My Android 1.) First, by selecting, press down and hold the task […]

How Do I Duplicate Or Drag A Task In Android?

If you would like to learn how to duplicate, or drag a task to a new quadrant, simply follow these easy steps: 1.) First, choose which task you would like to duplicate or drag.  Press and hold that task.  Your android device will let you move the task around freely. 2.) Drag task to another […]

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