Setting reminders can be key in order to stay on top of various tasks.  It’s only human to forget things here and there, which is why Priority Matrix offers the option to set reminders for your tasks.  Not only are you able to set a reminder for yourself, but you can also remind other members as well.

Setting a Reminder:

Manually- Available on Mac:

  1. Select the project, and chose the task within.
  2. Go over to the right side panel and chose the reminder icon.
  3. Set a reminder for the date and time you want.
  4. You can decide if you want to remind just yourself, or all the followers of the task.

Using commands- Available on Mac and Windows:

  1. You can set reminders through the conversation box using commands.
  2. Again, select the project and chose the task you wish to assign the reminder for.  Go to the conversation box.
  3. If you would like to set the reminder for yourself, type in “remind me (time you want) (date you want)”.
    • Ex: Remind me at 7am on June 10
  4.  If you want to set a reminder for everybody, type “remind everybody (time you want) (date you want)
    • Ex: Remind everybody at 10am July 5
  5. Click send, and if the command was entered properly it will appear in green and your reminder has been set.

NOTE: On a Windows, the only way to set a reminder is through the commands in the conversation box, there is no manual entry option.  On a Mac, you can manually enter a reminder, or use the conversation box commands.