5 Steps to Make Your Team Use Priority Matrix

You are a manager and you’ve been using Priority Matrix for a while. You understand the value behind it and you wish your team would, too. You also realize that without compliance from your team to use the system, Priority Matrix can become ‘just another tool’. So, what can you do to avoid that and […]

How Do I Filter And Sort Items On Android?

Struggling to figure out why items have slashes through them, and why others don’t?  Do you feel like pulling your hair out because you wish to Sort and Filter Items/Tasks through Priority Matrix on Android, yet the screen is too small?  Are you wondering, How do I filter and sort Items on Android?  Don’t worry! […]

How Can I Uninstall Priority Matrix on Windows?

Uninstalling Priority Matrix?  We will be sad to see you go.  Perhaps you need to uninstall and re-install a later version.  Either way, follow these simple steps to uninstall Priority Matrix on Windows. How Can I Uninstall Priority Matrix on Windows? 1.) First, go to your Windows bar at the very bottom left hand side […]

How Can I Archive Projects On Windows?

Do you have too many projects in your project list?  Finding it hard to focus on your current projects?  No problem, I would suggest archiving the older ones.  This way you can access the data in the future, but it will not distract you at the moment. Archive Projects On Windows Right click on the […]

How Do I Update the Admin of my account on Mac or Windows?

Hi there!  At Priority Matrix, we understand that change happens and this is likely to result in the need to update the admin of your account at some point.  Easy!  Follow the steps below to update the admin of your account on Mac or Windows 🙂 Update Admin on Mac or Windows Open your Priority […]

How Can I Set New Collaborators In Mac?

If you want to add more collaborators on your Mac desktop, just follow these simple steps below: 1.) On your Priority Matrix screen, go to the tab that says “Account” and click on it.  A drop down window will show up. 2.) From here, click on the “Manage Collaborators” selection.  A window will pop up. […]

How Do I Add/Delete Project Tags In Android?

If you are trying to tag your projects,  simply follow these easy steps below: 1.) First, go to your project bar and select the project you wish to add tags to. 2.) Once you have done this, tap/select the title of your project.  You can find it at the top center of your application. 3.) […]

How Can I Stop Desktop Notifications on Mac?

If you would like to stop receiving notifications to you Mac desktop, follow these simple steps below: 1.) Find in the upper right hand corner the magnifying glass and click on that.  A search bar will come up.  Type in “System Preferences”.  Click on System Preferences. 2.) From the System Preferences you should see this […]

How is Priority Matrix Different from Other Apps?

Priority Matrix has lots of competition, so it can be overwhelming to identify the differences amongst every one. Here are a few reasons Priority Matrix is different (and better!): Manage Thousands of Tasks We know you’re busy… And that means we strive to fit your busy life. No matter how many projects you have or […]

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