Why Should I Choose Priority Matrix?

We know that you’ve got so many options for task management. Between other programs and just plain, old-fashioned sticky notes, there’s something extra special out there and we think we’ve found it! Priority Matrix has so many amazing features! And then there’s the collaboration aspect. Teams can chat, assign projects to each other, and spend less […]

What’s the Difference Between Roles? (Owner, Collaborator, Follower, etc.)

There are a lot of different roles in Priority Matrix. Each one is similar, though, so there’s overlap, which can create confusion. Let’s break them down: On the team level, there are Admins and Team Members. Admin- this is the person who can make changes to the team by adding or removing members. This is […]

How Do I Delete the App on my Desktop?

We hope you’re deleting it in order to download the latest version of Priority Matrix! For Mac: Go to Finder and search for “Priority Matrix Team.” You’ll see the familiar logo… but don’t click it! Drag it to the trash. For Windows: Open File Explorer and select “This PC” to broaden your search. Now search […]

How Long is Data Retained For?

When you upload any material to Priority Matrix, it will remain there indefinitely. Your information will remain where you left it for as long as you desire. If you choose to delete your Priority Matrix account, your information will automatically be deleted after 90 days.  

How Can I Add or Remove Account Seats on the Web App?

Click on your avatar on your upper left hand corner and click on Account Settings – 2. Add/remove the new team member’s email address into the Team Members box and click Save changes –  * Please mind that only account admin can add or remove the account members.

I Can’t Install the App Due to my Company’s Security Restrictions

Usually, in cases like this, you would need to submit a request to your IT department, asking to approve Priority Matrix and add it to the internal list of trusted apps. Here’s our security protocol overview. We are trusted by thousands of organizations, including huge corporations and governmental organizations, as well as law firms and many others.  If […]

Will I Be Automatically Charged After the Trial Ends?

No! Please don’t worry, there’s no risk at all! You will not be charged unless you explicitly subscribe for one of the plans. We do not ask for your payment information during the trial so there’s no way we can charge you.

How Can I Upgrade to a Higher Tier Package?

If you are an admin for your account, please go to your account page and follow these simple steps: select your new package from the dropdown menu on the left side of the page click  “Change Plan” to confirm your upgrade  

Is There a Way To Be Billed Monthly?

We understand the annual prices can be daunting. However, we found that customers are significantly more successful with Priority Matrix to better prioritize when there’s commitment to the product. Since we would like you to be successful and get the most value out of Priority Matrix, we offer only annual licenses at this point. We […]

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