If you want to add more collaborators on your Mac desktop, just follow these simple steps below:

1.) On your Priority Matrix screen, go to the tab that says “Account” and click on it.  A drop down window will show up.

Mac Collaborators 1

2.) From here, click on the “Manage Collaborators” selection.  A window will pop up.

Mac Collaborators 2

3.) Scroll all the way down in this window.

Mac Collaborators 3

4.) In the box provided, you can add your new emails.  You must separate each new email with a new line by pressing “enter” on your keyboard.  After you have punched in all your emails, click the “Update Collaborators” blue button at the bottom.

Mac Collaborators 4

5.) Finally, click on the avatar next to the task you wish to delegate out.  A drop down menu will appear with the new emails you have entered.

Mac Collaborators 5


If you do not see the new emails you entered, refresh your Priority Matrix =)  Hooray! That’s it =)