Office 365 integrations for Mobile

Do you use Priority Matrix primarily on your mobile device?   If so, please keep in mind you can use the Office 365 integrations with your free Priority Matrix account on mobile! Office 365 integrations for Mobile: You can install any of the Office 365 integrations onto your dekstop platforms and this will transfer over to […]

How to Update a User Group on Mac and Windows

If you are using Priority Matrix with a team there is a chance that you are also using the “User Group” option.  If you need to add or remove a user to an existing user group, see below to learn how 🙂 How to Update a User Group: Mac and Windows: Open your Priority Matrix […]

Can I change the location of Priority Matrix back-up files?

Looking to get rid of the back-up Priority Matrix files on your dekstop?  No problem, check out the info below 🙂 Can I change the location of Priority Matrix back-up files? Yes, we only save them to your dekstop so it’s easy to find them if we ask you to share them with us.   Priority […]

Attach an email to a pre-existing item with the Outlook extension

I hop you are familiar with the email integrations we offer for Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail 🙂  If you are not already, be sure to learn more about email integrations here. With the Outlook extension you can add an email to a pre-existing item.  Follow the steps below! Attach an email to a pre-existing […]

Create a guest access link for an item

Why you should use the guest access link to share items: If you work with external contractors or clients who do not use Priority Matrix, with the guest access web link you can give them access to the item where they can comment in the item to communicate with you or update the item.  Keep […]

How can I share an item and not the entire project?

How can I share an item and not the entire project? We are so glad you asked!  If for some reason you need to share an item with a user while NOT sharing the entire project you are in luck 🙂  With the Priority Matrix One on One view for Mac and Windows you can […]

Calendar time indicator is 1 hour off

Hello!  You most likely found this article because the red line which indicates the current time in your Priority Matrix calendar is one hour off. Perhaps you started getting notifications one hour too late, or too early.  This is due to the daylight saving time change that occurs in parts of the world twice a […]

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Priority Matrix

Why you and your team should use the MS Teams integration: Update your Priority Matrix directly from within Teams and see these changes reflected in your PM app. Use the 1:1 tab to view items between yourself and another use to plan for your daily/weekly meetings. Be sure to check out additional resources on how […]

One on One View for Mac and Windows

Why you should use the one on one view: Stop spending valuable time manually generating your agenda for your daily/weekly meetings.  Use the one on one view to quickly create the list of top priority items with ourself and another user. Managers can quickly sort by each user to see the status of those top […]

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