A Priority Matrix dashboard project allows you to create a condensed view to see project level updates, while still utilizing the 4 quadrant prioritization method. In other words, this is a “project of projects”. Creating one is simply. Just create a project, and there create items that link to the desired subprojects. Dashboard views are often used by managers and leaders to have a high-level view of all the work happening in a company. This enables more effective meetings with other leaders, better planning for future projects, and an overall sense of strategy. Read below to learn how to nest subprojects to create a dashboard project.

Dashboard Project 
Dashboard project

How to create the dashboard project:

  1. Create a new project which will be the dashboard project
  2. Add items to your project representing the subprojects you will nest.
  3. To link a subproject to the dashboard project we use a feature called “nesting.”  The process to nest a project varies for platform.  Follow the steps below to get the link to your subproject.
    1. Mac Desktop app –  Right-click on the project from the left-hand side project list and choose “get link to this project”Create a dashboard project
    2. Windows Desktop app– Right – click on the project from the left-hand side project list and hover over “sharing” and then choose “get link to this project”Linking to projects
    3. Web app, and Priority Matrix for Microsoft Teams –  Open the project and use the project details on the right-hand side.  Click on the 4 lines in the top right corner and choose “Copy Link to Project” Linking to a project
  4. Once you have the link to the nested project, open the relevant item in the dashboard project and paste the link into the item’s detail panel, in the link section. Now, when you click on this link, you will be directed to the specific subproject.