Why you should use the guest access link to share items:

  1. If you work with external contractors or clients who do not use Priority Matrix, with the guest access web link you can give them access to the item where they can comment in the item to communicate with you or update the item.  Keep everybody on he same page even if everybody not have a Priority Matrix subscription!
  2. We have the One on One view which allows you to share only an item vs an entire project.  If you want an additional way to share a real time version of this item, try the guest access link 🙂

How to create a guest access link for an item:

  1. Open the item you want to share
  2. Right click on the item– > share –> enable guest access
  3. You will see this tracked in the conversation box as “guest access enabled via this link”
  4. Click on that link where you will be re-direct you to the item via the web link
  5. Share this link with anybody 🙂
  6. This item can be updated via the web link with commands.  You can also use the conversation tab to chat as you would in-app.

PLEASE NOTE**  Anybody who wants to be able to comment on this item via the web link will need a Priority Matrix account (not even a paid subscription ).