Why you should use the one on one view:

  1. Stop spending valuable time manually generating your agenda for your daily/weekly meetings.  Use the one on one view to quickly create the list of top priority items with ourself and another user.
  2. Managers can quickly sort by each user to see the status of those top priority items, on a user level.
  3. Rather than sharing an entire project which you would prefer to keep private,  allow access to individual items and find these items in your one on one view.

How to Use One on One View for Mac and Windows:One on One view for Mac and Windows

  1. Use the one on one view to selectively view items which you and another user are part of.   You can use this one on one view to understand all items yourself and another user are both part of, regardless if you are the owner of the other user is.   Keep in mind yourself or the other person need to be the owner of this item for it to show up.  Other users can also be followers to the item.
  2. Assign item without giving access to entire project.  This is now possible with the one on one view.  Assign an item to a user who does not have access to the project and they will see this item in the one on one view when they select you as the user to filter by.One on One View for Mac and Windows
  3. Note- the one on one view will show you finished and unfinished items, with a strike through the finished items.