Some times we might want to change who the Admin is on our Priority Matrix. Perhaps being the Admin allows less time for coffee breaks, so transferring the Administration duties onto someone else might allow these special moments we cherish so much. So…

How Do I Change The Administrator Under My Windows Account

Even if it has nothing to do with coffee or remembering to use the restroom, follow these simple steps below on how to change the Administrator Email to someone else on Windows.

1.) First, on your Priority Matrix screen there are 2 WAYS** to get to the “Account” settings.

  • You can select “Reports” and then choose the “Manager” tab.
  • Type the new email address of the Admin you wish to grant access to in the text box.
  • You can also add new team members in the same way if you wish in order to delegate tasks out.

**Second Way** You can go to the “View” tab and click on the “Manager” button to also access this page as shown above. This is just another way to change the Administrator under my windows account.

2.) After you have chosen the route that best suits your energy flow, proceed to the Gear Icon on the left side and click on it.

3.) Under the “Admin” drop down box, select the Team Member you wish to delegate Admin duties to.

4.) After you have chosen the new email address, it will show in the Admin Bar.

5.) Next, you will click the Admin drop down bar and select “Sign in and Sync”.

6.) A small window will pop up.  You may read it if you wish, however you will select “Yes” in the end =)

Hooray!!!  Now you have a new Admin.  How exciting, more coffee breaks are at your beckoning call now =)  You might have to “Sign Out” and re-sign in again under the new Admin email.

I hope this helped on How Do I Change The Administrator Under My Windows Account.