If you are trying to tag your projects,  simply follow these easy steps below:

1.) First, go to your project bar and select the project you wish to add tags to.


2.) Once you have done this, tap/select the title of your project.  You can find it at the top center of your application.


3.) Next, this sreen will show.  Scroll down until you reach the bottom of this screen.


4.) Finally, at the bottom, you will see “Project Tags”.  Here you can type using your Android keyboard to add a project tag of your choice.  Simply press on the “Add Tag” blue bubble and type your tag.  Press enter when you have finished the tag.


5.) If you would like to delete a tag, tap on the one you wish to get rid of.  It should turn dark blue with a small “X” next to it.  Click on the “X”.  The tag has been removed =)

project tags android 5


Congrats!  You are finished =)  At this moment, you are unable to create “Tags” for projects, NOT for tasks themselves.  Hope this helps!