How Can I Add/Remove a Team Member on Android?

Adding or removing a team member on Android devices is simple! Within the app, locate the menu in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Collaboration” This will open our webpage. Click on the menu on the upper right-hand side and select “Account” From here, scroll to the bottom and select “Manage Account” and simply add or […]

How Do I Set Up My Team in Priority Matrix on Mac?

With the Priority Matrix for Mac, its very easy to communicate with your team and make sure everyone is up to date. You can start by adding them to the team by going to the top and clicking on your avatar, then select Team Account. Next, you can add any team member to a project […]

How Do I Add a Team Member to a Project on Windows?

On a Windows, you can add a team member to a project by selecting the project and then entering the person’s email address in the ‘Project Details’ Panel (click the image to enlarge): By adding a collaborator to this project, you are granting full read and write capabilities. In other words, the project becomes a […]

How Can I Add a Follower to a Task on Windows?

1. To add a follower to a task, simply select the task that you would like to invite them to. 2. Then, navigate to the details panel on the right and open the “History” section. You will see a small box that says “invite”. Clicking on this box reveals a drop-down menu of email addresses, […]

How Do I Add a Team Member to a Project on Android?

Open the project that you would like to share Click on People icon –  Select “Team View” –  Tap on the email of the person if s/he is listed. If not, just click on “+” icon and add your team mate’s email address – 

How Do I Add a Team Member to a Project on iPhone?

Open the project and click on People icon – If your team member is listed in the user list, just tap on his/her email address. If your team member is not listed, click on “+” icon and add his email address – 

How Do I Filter by User on iPhone?

1) Click the “User” icon alongside the “+” at the bottom of your screen. 2) Select which user(s) you would like to filter by. 3) To display the project with the new filters, simply click back into the project. To clear the filter, click the “User” icon again and deselect all users.

How Do I Add/Remove a New Team Member on Mac?

Go to Account menu and click on Manage Account Add the new team members’ email addresses into the Team Members box and click on Save Changes If you would like to remove members, just delete the email address and save changes Please note that you can add team members only if you are an account admin.

How Do I Add/Remove A Team Member On Windows?

Scrambling around to add a new team member?  Maybe you wish to delete an old one.  Here are the steps to Add/Remove a new team member on Windows.  Note** In order to add or remove a team member you must be the admin of the account** How Do I Add/Remove A Team Member On Windows […]

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