Using Priority Matrix via MS Teams provides several additional benefits for Office365 users.  To make your life easier for record keeping and searching purposes in Teams, you can now see your Priority Matrix data in the MS Teams search view.  There are a few quick steps to put in place before this will work for you:

How can I search for Priority Matrix data in MS Teams?

      1. We will be using a connector in a Teams channel.  I might suggest creating a channel just for this to keep your other channels organized.  I called mine “Appfluence connector.”Create a channel for Priority Matrix connection
      2. Once you have a new channel, you will configure your Priority Matrix connector. Configure Priority Matrix Connector
      3. You will choose the option to include all projects, and allow all notifications to be posted.Include all projects
      4. The trick is, when a card is posted to a channel, in this case all projects and all updates in Priority Matrix will be posted to this channel, is what allows this data to be found in the MS Teams search.  If there are things that do not need to be searchable via Teams, you can turn off this notification when you configure your connector.Notifications on TeamsSearch for messages from Priority Matrix

To learn more about setting up specific Priority Matrix connectors for a Teams channel, see this article!