We are excited that you’re looking into using Priority Matrix for Outlook 365, the most powerful project management solution for Outlook. One common pitfall is when users read their Gmail messages using Outlook, and they find out that they cannot install add-ins from Microsoft’s AppSource store. In order to bypass this problem and being able to install Outlook add-ins on your Gmail account (or other non-Outlook services), please see the instructions below.


Enabling Outlook365 Add-ins for Gmail Addresses

  1. Using Outlook, open an email received in your Gmail account. If you see the Priority Matrix logo on the top bar, you’re set!
  2. If you don’t see the Priority Matrix logo, but you see the “Get Add-ins” button, use it to the Priority Matrix add-in
  3. However, if you do not see any of these two buttons, please follow along
  4. Important: In order to let you install add-ins, Outlook must realize your Gmail account is a Gmail account, and not another fly-by-night email provider. If you added Gmail to Outlook a while ago, you might have to add it again, using this method.
  5. Using the preferences view on Outlook, delete the Gmail account from your app.
  6. Re-add your Gmail account and when the system asks, make sure it is recognized as Gmail this time.
  7. Now, you should see the Store Add-In available for this Gmail account and can install the Priority Matrix add-in.

Watch this short youtube video to learn more about Priority Matrix and Office 365 integrations, what they are and how to get the most out of them.