Are you excited about the Teams, Slack and Skype chatbot integration with Priority Matrix?  So are we!  Learn how to install this chatbot and get chatting 🙂

Background info about your new chatbot:


  1. Notify the user of instant changes in the team data. Equivalent to notifications in IOS, windows, mac. Example: delegations, upload files, completion of items, …
  2. Create projects and items
  3. Query projects and items
  4. Modify projects and items
  5. Our Microsoft Teams integration is actually a much more complete solution than just a chat bot. Check it out soon!

Install your chatbot:

Microsoft Teams

  1. On Teams, you or an Office admin can Install from AppSource
  2. Following that, open Teams and explore the “Priority Matrix” app, which includes a smart bot and so much more


  1. On Slack, a Slack team admin needs to visit
  2. Look for your Priority Matrix slack channel in Slack.


  1. On Skype, every team member needs to visit to add the chatbot to his/her personal Skype account.


Learn how to communicate with your chatbot here!