I hope you are familiar with the email integrations we offer for Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail.  If you are not already, be sure to learn more about email integrations here.

With the Outlook extension (also known as Priority Matrix for Outlook), you can attach an email message to a pre-existing item, following the steps below.

Attaching emails to an item with Priority Matrix for Outlook

With Priority Matrix for Outlook, you can not only turn an email into a PM task, but you can also attach an email to a pre-existing item. This is relevant, for example, when a new email arrives about a topic that’s already captured in a PM task. To achieve this:

  1. Install Priority Matrix for Outlook, of course
  2. Open an email in Outlook
  3. Move to the right-hand side where you will see the Priority Matrix icon
  4. Notice your “recent items” or “similar items”
  5. For each of these items you will see an upload icon.  This is how you can attach the current email to that item.
  6. You will find this email as a file in the item

This is just one of the features that make Priority Matrix perfect for project management in Outlook 365.