Note: If you create a rule in Outlook Web App, the rule will also transfer to the desktop version. It may be quicker to do that, but this is the most thorough, customizable method.

You have a whole Inbox just waiting to be explored. One of the best uses of your Inbox is as a holding tank for important emails. By creating a rule, you can selectively, automatically forward emails from Outlook into Priority Matrix.

  1. Copy your secret inbox address (see here for help with Mac or here for help with Windows)
  2. Go into the Rules tab and select Mail Rules & AlertsSetting up automatic Priority Matrix email forwarding on outlook
  3. Pick “New Rule…”Setting up outlook email forwarding
  4. You can either apply the “send to Inbox” rule to incoming or outgoing mail. Select the one you’d like and click Next >.Setting up outlook email forwarding
  5. Now pick your conditions! You can choose as many or as few as you’d like (but with more conditions, fewer emails will be directed into your Inbox). Once you’re satisfied, click Next >.Setting up outlook email forwarding picking conditions
  6. This is the trickiest step. First, decide what you want to happen after the message is caught by the rule. You may want to check off “delete it” or “move it to the (specified) folder,” but you must also select “forward it to (people or public group).” Don’t click Next!!!! Click on the “(people or public group)” hyperlink in the bottom box.
    Setting up outlook email forwarding choosing actions
  7. If you can’t see this box pop up, go back to step 6. Once you do, paste your copied secret Inbox address in the To -> box. It will be something long, ending in Now click OK and the Next > button from the last step.pop up box
  8. And now you’re at the final stage. Are there any emails you want excepted from this rule? If so, select them here. Once done, or if there are no exceptions, click Next > again.Setting up outlook email forwarding choosing exceptions
  9. You’re almost there! Name your rule, decide if you want to run the rule on your past messages or just the ones from now on, and hit Finish.
    Setting up outlook email forwarding naming the rule
  10. It’s been a long list, but this is the very last step. Confirm that you want the rule set up as you just did and then click OK. Setting up outlook email forwarding confirming new rule