Priority Matrix for Windows has a built-in tool for filtering tasks by assigning them a tag. Adding a tag is done by right clicking on the task, choosing “add item tag,” and typing in a new tag or by moving over to the “add item tag” selector on the upper left side of the item detail view. If there’s a matching tag, it will auto-populate and if there isn’t, just finish the word and tap the return key. To make more tags, just repeat the process. If you make a mistake or want to erase it later, click on the little x beside it and start again.

In order to use the tags as a sorting tool, first click on the view you want. This could be a number of different ways:

  • Inbox. Clicking on the Inbox will let you sort tags from the tasks in your inbox.
  • Project title. Clicking on the name of the project will let you sort tags from the tasks in that project alone. When you input a search term, the number of tasks on the Project List screen will only show how many of the tasks fit the criteria, so don’t be alarmed if it looks like all the tasks have disappeared.
  • Master View. Clicking on the Master button will let you see and sort all the tasks across all the projects and all the quadrants.

Once you have chosen the view, go to the “Special Filter” button on the top, center-right. As you go to the bottom of the drop down menu, click on “Item Tag Filter” to see all the item tags you have used. Now you can select the one you want and only those tasks will stay in view. If you want to change the scope of the search, you can choose other tags. This will let you see anything with all of the tags you chose. If you want to see things that have any of the tags you picked, go to the top of the list and click “ANY.” “ALL” will show only tasks with both the specific tags.

When you are finished sorting it, don’t forget to open the “Special Filters” button and clear custom filters to reset it.

Remember: this is only for the items themselves. If you are looking for more information on tagging a whole project, see the video here.