Icons can greatly enhance the visual order of your Priority Matrix projects. Use them to indicate a fine categorization of items based on your specific workflow.

How do I add icons

Tap on an item to enter edit mode, then tap on the icon to bring up the icon selection choices. You can scroll through the icons with a left-to-right swipe and choose icons that you find fitting for your item:

On Mac

Choosing an icon on Priority Matrix for Mac

On Windows

On the web app

When using the web app, simply select an item and click the “add icon” square, or the current icon if there is one already. Then pick from the box that pops up with several options.

Sorting by Icon

Once your icons are set, it’s possible to sort your tasks by their icon. This comes in handy if you are using numerical icons, as well as for a number of other purposes. Try it out!

NOTE: Click the search bar on the Mac to open up these filter options, and the “No Special Filter” button on Windows.