Sometimes, you need to revert to a backup of your Priority Matrix data on your iPhone. This might be useful if your data is lost or there’s been some changes that you want to revert. In this article,  I will explain how to recover data from a back-up on iPhone and iPad for Priority Matrix 🙂


Recover Data from a Back-up on iPhone and iPad for Priority Matrix:

NOTE**DON’T UNINSTALL YOUR APP when there’s a data loss because that will also delete backups.

  1. Open Priority Matrix on your desktop
  2. Log out of your account
  3. Close Priority Matrix completely
  4. Plug your iPhone or iPad  into your computer
  5. Go to iTunes
  6. Click on your iPhone, and then the tab “Apps” and scroll down to “File sharing”.
  7. Choose Priority Matrix from that list
  8. Select all the files in there, and choose “Save to”, and save it locally your local computer. This backs up your files. Recover Data from a Back-up on iPhone and iPad
  9. After you have those files saved, send us an email at and we will do our best to restore it from there!

If you need to recover lost items on iPhone, follow these instructions 🙂