Are you having a display problem on your Priority Matrix with symptoms similar to the ones below?  If so, you might have to update your video driver to correct the issue:

  • Do you click on some controls and nothing seems to change?
  • Are some windows (login view, calendar…) blank?
  • Do some popup elements like calendar selectors not show?

If you are observing something similar to this, we suggest you update your video drivers.  You can do this with one of the following options:

Updating your Video Driver

There are generally 2 ways to do this. The first one is more official and foolproof, and the second one is more thorough and perhaps necessary depending on how your computer was built.

  1. The official way is to use the system update, where Windows looks for available drivers automatically:
  2. If that fails, go to the website for your system vendor (Lenovo, HP, etc) or the video card maker (nVidia, AMD, Intel) and look for available drivers to download and install; this is more involved and it might be helpful to get IT assistance for it.

Hopefully this will resolve the problem you’re having. As always, make a backup copy of your important data before you update system drivers, especially if you go the second route. If you need assistance with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.