Hello Priority Matrix team!  If you find yourself reading this article you have most likely integrated your Priority Matrix with EverNote in the past.  Unfortunately, I am here to update our Priority Matrix users about the termination of Priority Matrix and EverNote.

 Evernote Integration with Priority Matrix Update:

  • We have attempted to connect with Evernote Support for the past few weeks and it looks like Evernote is not really supporting their API anymore.
  • This had forced us to the decision to no longer offer integration with Evernote. I apologize if this causes an inconvenience for you!

Due to this, we are more than happy to offer our assistance for you in order to help you move away from Evernote and transfer into Priority Matrix completely. We offer various other integration options for Priority Matrix and if you are looking for a specific one please reach out to us at helpdesk@appfluence.com or please contact us at https://sync.appfluence.com/accounts/contact