How Can I Share a Google Drive Doc. in Priority Matrix with the Chrome Extension?

Priority Matrix can now sync with Google Drive using our Chrome Extension. First, you will need to download the Priority Matrix Chrome Extension form the Chrome web store. Then you will now be able to  share your Google Drive Docs. You want to make sure you change the shareable like from “can view” to “can edit” before […]

How Do I Upload and Share Files in Priority Matrix on Mac?

Click here for Windows The best part about using Priority Matrix to share files is that once it’s created, anyone on the team can see and access the file immediately. This is a great tool for ensuring that everyone is on the same page and using the same documents.  See below to learn how you […]

How to Use the Priority Matrix Inbox on Mac

Your inbox is used for: Tasks that aren’t assigned yet. When a task appears in the inbox, it can be dragged and dropped into any project quadrant. If it doesn’t fit in a project, it can stay there and operates like any other task — you can set a due date, reminders, or even reassign […]

How Can I Sync Priority Matrix with Apple Mail on Mac?

This feature will be beneficial for you if you have a lot of emails coming your way and if you would like to handle them in a more efficient manner. Just select an email in your Apple mail and drag it into the appropriate quadrant in Priority Matrix. The body of the email will show […]

Outlook Mail Integration on Windows

Outlook Mail Integration on Windows You have few options when you choose to integrate your Outlook mail with your Priority Matrix on Windows.  To learn about the ways to use Outlook mail integration on Windows, Keep reading 🙂 Send Outlook Email to your Priority Matrix Inbox: Drag and drop emails straight from your Outlook inbox […]

Training for Priority Matrix for Mac

Training for Priority Matrix for Mac Welcome to Priority Matrix!  Below is a training video for Mac, helping you get started with the basic features 🙂  I would love to learn more about your use case specifically, so please book a call here! If you have not already started your free 14 day trial you […]

How Do I Set Up My Team in Priority Matrix on Mac?

With the Priority Matrix for Mac, its very easy to communicate with your team and make sure everyone is up to date. You can start by adding them to the team by going to the top and clicking on your avatar, then select Team Account. Next, you can add any team member to a project […]

How Do I Create and Save Custom Project Templates ?

If you find yourself with a customized template that you would like to recreate, you can save it and re-use it at any time. Simply right-click on the template you have created, and select “save as custom template”. When you want to re-use it, create a new project, and select “new project from template”. Choose […]

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