Priority Matrix is the most tightly integrated solution for project management in Outlook. In fact, you have few options when you choose to integrate your Outlook Mail with your Priority Matrix on Windows. To learn about the ways to use Outlook mail integration on Windows, keep reading.

Sending Outlook Emails to your Priority Matrix Inbox

Your item inbox is a special view to keep items or tasks that have not yet been classified into a project. It’s a great way to capture ideas without spending too much time thinking about where they fit.

In order to take an Outlook email message and put it into your item inbox, you have two main options:

  1. Drag and drop emails straight from your Outlook inbox to your Priority Matrix projects or inbox.  Just grab the email you want, drag it over, and it will create a new task with an envelope icon. The subject of the email becomes the name of the task, and the body of the email becomes the notes. If there were any attachments, they will also attach to the task as files. When you click on the link in the task, the email will open in Outlook again.
  2. Use your secret inbox address to forward an Outlook email into your Priority Matrix.
    1. Open your Priority Matrix inbox
    2. Where you see the mail icon in the top right corner, click and select “Copy your Item Inbox address”
    3. Go to your Outlook emails and send them to this addressOutlook Mail Integration on Windows

Send Outlook Email to a Specific Quadrant in a Project

If instead of your inbox, you want to create new items from Outlook directly into a specific project and quadrant. You can drag and drop the message directly, or you can use the secret email address as follows.

  1. Open the project you want the email to be sent too
  2. Right click inside the quadrant to which you want to send that email
  3. Hover over sharing, and select “Get Secret Email address for Q1”
  4. Repeat step 2c from above Outlook Mail Integration on Windows

If you are on a Mac, you might like to learn about Outlook mail integration for Mac instead?

Priority Matrix for Outlook, the add-on

For a smarter Outlook integration with Priority Matrix, you should take a look at our Outlook 365 add-on, which lets you do everything described here, and much more, all without ever leaving Outlook.