If you’re on a Mac computer, connecting your Outlook calendar is a snap. But what about connecting your Outlook calendar to your iPhone so that you can ask Siri to put something into Priority Matrix when you use a PC? Unfortunately, this is a little more complicated.

First, you have to start on the computer and download iCloud for Windows. When you’ve downloaded it and signed into iCloud, using the same information you use on your iPhone, you can choose to allow Reminders by selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks.  Click Apply to save these settings.

Now get on your phone and go to your calendar feeds (you’ll need to sign in) and select the calendars you’d like to sync. You can choose to sync all of your projects, only those items assigned to you, or by individual projects. Copy the calendar you want to use.

Once you’ve got the calendar address saved, go into your Settings and select Mail, Contact, and Calendar (look familiar? You did this earlier!). 

Now select “Add Account”

and “Other”

And now “Add Subscribed Calendar”

Final step! Paste the link you copied earlier


*NOTE: Once this is all done, you may want to re-sync your Calendar app by going into the app, selecting Calendars at the bottom, and dragging down.*

When you get a new due date in Priority Matrix, it will automatically go into your Outlook calendar! And you can have Siri add tasks into both Priority Matrix and Outlook, just like above!