Many times tasks come with a due date, but just putting in a due date isn’t enough. It’s easy to forget without reminders, so Priority Matrix has a built-in reminders tool. If you use Siri to put in a task (which you can learn more about here), just tell her to “remind me to [call Molly] at 2:55pm” and she will attach the reminder automatically.

To sync your iPhone with Priority Matrix:

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll to “Priority Matrix.” The apps are listed after the selectors for settings and in alphabetical order, so it could take a little bit.
  2. On the next screen, there are three sections. The first enables Priority Matrix to access your Reminders, Notifications, and Cellular Data. Turn on all three (Notifications will open another tab) so that you can sync Reminders from anywhere and get notification that there’s an upcoming task.
  3. The third section enables you to Sync Reminders. Click and turn this on.
  4. To manually input reminders, open the Reminders app and type them in. To have Siri input reminders, ask her to “remind me about this task at this point” and she will set one up with a due date. This will sync with your inbox automatically.