Your inbox is used for:

Tasks that aren’t assigned yet.

  • When a task appears in the inbox, it can be dragged and dropped into any project quadrant. If it doesn’t fit in a project, it can stay there and operates like any other task — you can set a due date, reminders, or even reassign it to someone else.

Holding tasks after creating them from inside or outside the program.

  • Inside, simply click the blue + sign on the upper left of the screen, choose “add item,” and start typing. Outside of the program, you can either hold the Control, Shift, and + buttons for a keyboard shortcut or click the Priority Matrix logo on the menu bar (on top of the screen).

Holding reminders from iOS on your phone.

Holding emails that are forwarded in.

  • Each user gets a secret email address which will forward the email straight into the inbox. Emails function the same as other tasks, but the icon will be a green envelope to differentiate it. The subject line becomes the task name and the body becomes the notes.

Holding links pulled from Google Chrome.

  • Download the Google Chrome extension here to grab anything off the internet, such as a Google Drive document, something off Sharepoint or Dropbox, or an important website. Here’s more information on ways to use the Chrome Extension.

For a final note, sometimes your inbox is getting too full and you want to mass delete things, such as unwanted emails. When you’re on a computer, all you have to do is select the items you want removed by right clicking on them and selecting “delete” from the menu. If you’re on a mobile device, it won’t work, so just log into the web app or use the desktop app.