One of the features that make Priority Matrix the best project manager for Outlook is its ability to seamlessly share all your tasks with your favorite calendar system. Keep reading to learn how to integrate your Priority Matrix calendar with your Office 365 calendar.

Use Outlook Web App (OWA) to integrate Priority Matrix calendar

Outlook has many forms, and one of the fastest growing ones is the Outlook Web App, a web-based, multiplatform version of Outlook that works with most Outlook accounts, without the need to install any software. In this section we’ll explain how to load your Priority Matrix calendar into your Outlook 365 account.

Integrate Priority Matrix with Office365.

These are the specific steps:

  1. Go to your special links page and decide which items from Priority Matrix you would like to integrate with Office 365. Copy that link.
  2. Open Office 365 and go to “discover calendars”
  3. Select “From web”
  4. Then “Import”
  5. You will see your items in your Office 365 calendar now.

Note: The refresh rate (how often Outlook refreshes your calendar) is beyond our control because this system is fully managed by Microsoft.  From our experience, calendars refresh once or twice a day, so there will be a delay from when you make changes in PM, until when the changes show up in the calendar. We appreciate your patience with this issue.

From here, we suggest you learn about other calendar integration options!