Thank you for learning more about Priority Matrix.  Integrating your Priority Matrix will be a huge help for you and your team.  Keep reading to learn how to integrate your Priority Matrix calendar with your Office365 calendar

Use Office365 web app to integrate Priority Matrix calendar on Mac

Integrate Priority Matrix with Office365.


  1. Go to your account setup page and decide which items from Priority Matrix you would like to integrate with Office365. Copy that link.
  2. Open office 365 and go to “discover calendars”
  3. From web
  4. Import 🙂
  5. You will see your items in your Office365 calendar now.


Please note ** The refresh rate is beyond our control because this is  a calendar subscription managed by Microsoft’s system.  From our experience,  it happens once or twice a day so there will be a delay from when you make changes in PM, until when the changes show up in the calendar.  Thanks for your patience! **


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