The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but let’s go over the different platforms.

There are three general types of platforms: the non-download web app, the ones for Windows or Android products, and the ones for Apple products.

  • The web app is accessible from the homepage after logging in.  Because it isn’t downloaded, it won’t sync until you log in. You will still get the email reminders and team benefits, so don’t worry about using it to make changes.
  • The Windows apps (either the desktop app or the Android phone/tablet app) are downloaded and sync automatically. You can set it so that the Android app only syncs over WiFi or allow it to use data. Using data is the most up-to-date, but WiFi works most places!
  • The Apple products (the desktop app, the iPhone app, or the iPad app) are also downloaded and sync automatically. Like the Android apps, you can set the iPhone and iPad to sync with or without data. But the other things that sync when using Apple are the Reminders (here’s how to add with Siri) and iCal (here’s also how) apps!

Everything is stored in a highly secure cloud so nothing gets lost in transit. And since it’s encrypted twice, both on the travel to the cloud and into your project, it’s safe, too!