How to expand an item into a project:

  1. Create a project with sub-tasks and place the link to it in the master project. For instance, let’s say you have a master project named “Create a website” and the project consists of 3 phases: design, implementation, testing. You can create 3 projects: design, implementation, testing and in the “Create a website” project just place the links to them.
    1. To get the project link, right click on the project and select “Sharing/Get link to this project”.
      1. If you double click on the item name, it will open the appropriate project .


2. Use tags to categorize tasks. Let’s take an example described above. We have a parent task “Create a website” and 3 sub-tasks: design, implementation and testing. For each of the subtasks I would create a tag “website” and filter the items by this tag. This way I will see all the sub-tasks related to the “Create a website” task.

    1. To create an item tag, select an item and add a tag in the Details section –
    1. To filter items by the tag, click on Sort&Filters and select the needed tag


3. You can also add subtasks to an item through the notes section.