Create a List of Items I’ve Completed in a Project?


Using our Master List and advanced filtering features, you can create a list of the items that you have completed in a project, and tailor this list to a specific period of time. You can then email or print this list.

Let’s say you work in a team, but you want send your boss a list of items that only you have completed within the last week.

  1. Using the “State” filter select  and “Finished Items.”
  2. Select the filter “Finished by” and select your name.
  3. Below that choose the option “Show Items with Completion Date” and set it to be from a week ago to today.

Items I've Completed

Then, navigate to the Master List on the left side of your screen, above the project bar. Here you can decide what part of the project you want to focus on.  Maybe it is a specific quadrant, or all items in all of your projects.  You will then be shown a list of all items that you have completed within the past week. You can email or print this list using the email button located directly above it, on the right-hand side.

Items I've Completed


To learn more about how to use your master list, book a training session!