Does PM Sync Across All the Platforms?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but let’s go over the different platforms. There are three general types of platforms: the non-download web app, the ones for Windows or Android products, and the ones for Apple products. The web app is accessible from the homepage after logging in.  Because it isn’t […]

What’s the Difference Between Roles? (Owner, Collaborator, Follower, etc.)

There are a lot of different roles in Priority Matrix. Each one is similar, though, so there’s overlap, which can create confusion. Let’s break them down: On the team level, there are Admins and Team Members. Admin- this is the person who can make changes to the team by adding or removing members. This is […]

Training for Priority Matrix for Mac

Training for Priority Matrix for Mac Welcome to Priority Matrix!  Below is a training video for Mac, helping you get started with the basic features 🙂  I would love to learn more about your use case specifically, so please book a call here! If you have not already started your free 14 day trial you […]

How Do I Add/Remove a New Team Member on Mac?

Go to Account menu and click on Manage Account Add the new team members’ email addresses into the Team Members box and click on Save Changes If you would like to remove members, just delete the email address and save changes Please note that you can add team members only if you are an account admin.

How Do I Add/Remove A Team Member On Windows?

Scrambling around to add a new team member?  Maybe you wish to delete an old one.  Here are the steps to Add/Remove a new team member on Windows.  Note** In order to add or remove a team member you must be the admin of the account** How Do I Add/Remove A Team Member On Windows […]

What is Priority Matrix?

Interested in learning more how Priority Matrix can help you? Let’s work together. Get started with Priority Matrix apps today.  

How Can I Use Priority Matrix?

Our customers use it to run their daily lives, manage employees, keep track of projects, communicate with consulting clients. You can find more ideas on how to use Priority Matrix® blog post. If you have an original way to use Priority Matrix®, let us know!

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