I Have a New Computer- How Do I Access Priority Matrix?

Welcome to Priority Matrix! Do you have a new computer which you would like to use Priority Matrix on?  No problem!  Follow these few steps below.   I have a new computer- how do I access Priority Matrix? Install Priority Matrix here 🙂 Sign in with your same email and password If you are sked […]

Priority Matrix Curriculum

Welcome to Priority Matrix!  I imagine you are visiting this article because you are a new user and are looking for a greater understanding of how you can use Priority Matrix.  You have come to the right place!   With this Priority Matrix curriculum you will gain a high level understanding of how Priority Matrix can […]

Do You Have User Manuals for Priority Matrix?

Yes! We have user manuals for both our Mac and Windows desktop apps. You can view, download and print the manuals by accessing the link below: Priority Matrix User Manual for Mac Priority Matrix User Manual for Windows You can also check out our Priority Matrix Video Curriculum here.

Subtask on Mac and Windows

We know everybody has been eager to use subtasks in Priority Matrix and I am very excited to tell you this option is now available.  Take an action item and break it down even further with subtasks found in the “notes” section of each item 🙂   Keep reading to learn how to add a Subtask […]

Global project views vs individual project views

Does your team focus on a project driven workflow, and need to see each project separately on a calendar, gantt, and reports view?   Look no further!  Below I will explain the difference between the global project views vs individual project views.   Global project views vs individual project views: Global Project Views: If you look […]

How to use Pre-Added Templates

When you create a new project in Priority Matrix you will notice 7 different tempaltes which we have added for you.  By using these various templates you have the ability to choose which work flow will fit your project best.  Keep reading to learn the benefits of using each template. Basic Priority Matrix: Basic Priority […]

How to integrate Priority Matrix calendar with Outlook365 on Mac

Thank you for learning more about Priority Matrix.  Integrating your Priority Matrix will be a huge help for you and your team.  Keep reading to learn how to integrate your Priority Matrix calendar with your Office365 calendar Use Office365 web app to integrate Priority Matrix calendar on Mac .   Go to your account setup […]

Set Due Date with Item Name

Priority Matrix has made it even easier to stay on top of your deadlines.  Set each items due date by adding it to the title of your item, and never miss a due date again! Set Due Date with Item Name: The key to setting a due date is to use the term “due” in […]

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