Mac’s native mail client, Mail, has a filtering mechanism, called “rules,” to enable selective filtering. This is particularly important for making sure that the only emails that go to your Priority Matrix Inbox are relevant. Mail rules are quick and easy ways to distinguish between your action items and your chain emailed funny cat pictures.

How to set up mail rules:

  1. Copy your Secret Inbox Address from the Configure tool in the upper right side of your Inbox.mail rules
  2. If you’d like to send emails to a specific project instead of your Priority Matrix Inbox, just right click inside of the project and select “Get secret email address for Q”. 
  3. Open the Mail app and go to Mail on the menu bar. Select Preferences from the dropdown menu.mail rules
  4. Click on the Rules tab, on the far right of the pop up, then on “Add Rules.”mail rules
  5. You can call it something, which comes in handy if you create multiple rules later on, in the description bar.mail rules
  6. Go to the “Any recipient” dropdown and select the filter you want. You can add multiple filters in the same rule by clicking the +. mail rules
  7. Go to the “Move Message” dropdown and select “Forward Message.” Paste the inbox address you copied in step 1.mail rules
  8. Hit OK and the rule is set!