Team collaboration is made easy with Priority Matrix and OneDrive integration. Not only can you quickly link items from OneDrive to an item in your Priority Matrix, but when you upload a real-time document in OneDrive and link it you your Priority Matrix, the link in your Priority Matrix will open up the more up-to-date document! Learn how to integrate OneDrive with Priority Matrix here!

Integrate OneDrive with Priority Matrix:

  1. Go to your OneDrive and click the item you want to integrate
  2. Click share, and copy the link you are givenIntegrate OneDrive with Priority Matrix
  3. In your Priority Matrix click and item and paste the link where it says “No URL” in the item details.Integrate OneDrive with Priority MatrixGreat job!! Save yourself time by always staying connected with your team on the latest documents and never lose track of them, by integrating OneDrive with Priority Matrix 🙂