Why Tags?

On Priority Matrix for Windows, there is a built-in tool called tags to organize your projects and tasks. For more information on tagging your tasks, see the article here. Tags are extremely useful because they help categorize projects across multiple domains. For example, projects for work that involve the finance department, reimbursement for expenses, and managing corporate accounts could be tagged as “finance,” but so could projects for home that involve creating a family budget, paying bills, or planning for tax time. This enables you to quickly find any of those projects and visually eliminates the others from the list.

Create a Tag

To create a tag, simply select the project you want to tag and choose one from the dropdown menu just to the upper left of the matrix overview. If there’s nothing suitable yet, type in something that would accurately and succinctly describe the project and it will be added to the list. If there are other applicable tags, feel free to add them. Priority Matrix is designed to make your life more streamlined, so the more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Sort and Filter Using Tags

Searching is done by sliding the mouse over to the “filter project tabs” dropdown menu and finding the appropriate tag. As soon as you click it, only those projects labeled with the specified tag will appear. If you want to broaden the search, adding another tag will open the search to projects labeled with either tag. Removing a tag from the search is as easy as clicking the little x next to the word.

Other Filters

Other ways to filter the projects are by color, ascending or descending alphabetically, or manually, by dragging and dropping the project into the best spot. These options are on the left of the filter button. Given that there’s an option to sort by color, using color to differentiate between types of projects (like green ones for projects at work and blue ones for projects at home) creates another visual organization method.