Struggling to figure out why items have slashes through them, and why others don’t?  Do you feel like pulling your hair out because you wish to Sort and Filter Items/Tasks through Priority Matrix on Android, yet the screen is too small?  Are you wondering, How do I filter and sort Items on Android?  Don’t worry! You will not lose any precious locks of hair today.  Follow these instructions to better understand your Priority Matrix on Android.

How Do I Filter And Sort Items On Android?

This article will proceed to show you how to filter and how to sort through tasks within a Project and in the Master View.

1.) Start off this training within a Project of your choice.  Go to the bottom to find the Funnel Icon. Press on the Funnel.

Filtering items on Priority Matrix for android

2.) This will take you to the Filter, Sort, and Search Screen.  You can see “Filter” is selected in Blue, as shown below.  You can:

  • Filter through tasks
  • Sort tasks using a specific sorting tool
  • Search within a project

Check out this screen.  Explore by clicking and testing different features on this Filter screen.  Do not fret! You can always go back to this page by following step One.

Options to filter and sort items

3.) Here are some examples when using the Filter option:

  • Finished Items
  • All Items

NOTE* THE DEFAULT FILTER WHEN YOU “CLEAR FILTERS” IS “UNFINISHED ITEMS”. You must “Clear Filters” to ONLY show “Unfinished Items”.

Finished items filter    All items filter

Now, we switch gears in the, How do I filter and sort items on Android, article.

4,) We move on to the Sort Items feature.  This is what the Sort Items screen looks like on Android


Sorting tasks on Priority Matrix for android

Now that you have toyed around with the Filter and Sort options for items, we move on to the Master View.

5.) You can use the same Funnel Filter Icon as shown in the very first picture of this article to filter the options in the Master View list as well.

Filter items on Master view

6.) Here is an example of what the “All Items” Filter looks like in the Master View:

Filtering items on Master view            Filtering items on master view


Poof!  Congrats for finishing that brief training.  Now you know how to Filter and Sort Items on Android!  Cheers!

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Hope this helped!