Why Conversation?

The conversation feature is one of the most powerful tools available to teams using Priority Matrix. Conversations in Priority Matrix are automatically contextualized and organized because the conversation happens inside the task itself. Unlike with emailing, there is no need to star, flag, mark as unread, or folder your messages. The PM conversation is a hassle free way to communicate with your team.

How to Converse

Simply click on a task, look in the conversation section, and type your comment.

Who Can See My Comments?

Only the people who share projects with can see the comments inside. However, people who you assign as followers/listeners to tasks will receive email and push notifications regarding those tasks. Here’s a place where you can learn more about setting up your team and the difference between team members and followers.

Conversation Commands

The conversation feature can also be used to trigger actions in the PM system. You can mark tasks as complete, set reminders, change due dates, and much more. Here is a full list of the conversation commands that are currently available in Priority Matrix.