Setting up outlook integration with Priority Matrix is a great way to prioritize your outlook emails and keep important information all in one place.

Priority Matrix now includes an outlook plug-in (Outlook Extension) that will allow you to forward emails from Outlook to your Priority Matrix inbox at the touch of a button!

This turns your emails into tasks, for which you can set due dates, assign to team members, and even add to your calendar!

Using the Outlook Plug-In

1. Go to and download the Outlook extension after logging into your Priority Matrix account.

2. When you find an email that you would like to transfer to Priority Matrix, select the email in your Outlook inbox, then use the Outlook integration button and select “Send to My PM Inbox”.


3. The item will arrive in your inbox as a task.

The subject line of the email is the name of the task, the body of the email is under “See Notes”, and any attachments can be found under “Add Files”. The task also includes a link back to the original email in your inbox.

From there, drag the email into a project (if you’d like!)

Note:  If you installed the Outlook extension and do not see it in your Outlook toolbar, please do this:

File -> Options -> Add-Ins -> Search for PriorityMatrix -> Go… -> Mark the Priority Matrix checkbox -> Ok

Drag and Drop Integration

For even quicker integration with Outlook, you can drag and drop emails directly from Outlook into Priority Matrix projects.

>>Click here for more detailed instructions!<<